Let’s come and join us in the Namada Shielded Expedition, a massively multiplayer role-playing incentivized testnet – and the final expedition for the shielded community to battle-test the protocol before mainnet.

The Story of Namada Shielded Expedition

As the story begins, a brilliant supernova illuminates the tranquil night, scattering asteroid treasures across the cosmos. These treasures, hidden within the depths of the newfound asteroid, ignite a fervor among adventurers and explorers from far and wide.

It is here, amidst the cosmic symphony, that the Namada Shielded Expedition unfolds like a tale whispered by the universe itself. As the expedition unfolds, it becomes more than just a journey. It becomes a story of courage and resilience, of lone warriors and teams alike.

Guide by the Namada protocol—a sovereign chain that innovates across the entire stack, including cryptographic primitives (MASP), the base ledger itself, proof-of-stake (CPoS), public goods funding (PGF and Stewards), and applications like shielded actions—the Namada Shielded Expedition becomes the final expedition for the bravest warriors to battle-test the protocol before the mainnet.

The concept of Namada Shielded Expedition

Welcome to the Namada Shielded Expedition, a thrilling journey where every step forward is a leap into the unknown.

Unifying Forces: Pilots and Crew Members

In this shielded ecosystem expedition, you can participate as either a pilot (validator) or a crew member (user). Throughout the expedition, participants are governed by Sybil-resistance (CPoS), consensus (CometBFT) algorithms, and the laws of physics.

Yet, in this boundless expanse, pilots can collaborate with other Pilots, while Crew Members can team up with other Crew Members, advance to become Pilots or explore various combinations thereof.

The Heart of the Expedition: Asteroid Mining Race

At the heart of the Shielded Expedition lies the asteroid mining race, where pilots and crew members vie for the chance to uncover the universe’s hidden treasures.

From the commonplace to the rare and elusive, each asteroid holds the promise of valuable ROID (points), fueling the competitive spirit and driving participants to push their limits.

Real-Time Rankings on the Nebb Leaderboard

As the journey unfolds, participants find themselves propelled by the thrill of competition, their every move reflected in real-time on the Nebb leaderboard.

Here, amidst the ebb and flow of the expedition, pilots and crew members alike are celebrated for their achievements, their names etched into the chronicles of the shielded ecosystem for all to see.

NAAN: Powering the Expedition Forward

Fueling the engines of progress in the Shielded Expedition is NAAN (testnet token), the native currency of this remarkable journey.

Pilots and Crew Members alike rely on NAAN to power their spaceships in the race to mine asteroids, ensuring they have the resources they need to navigate the cosmos.

*Note that participants registering pre-genesis will receive NAAN in the Shielded Expedition genesis block, whereas the ones joining after can receive NAAN from the Shielded Expedition faucet.

**NAAN != ROID, NAAN != NAM, and ROID != NAM

Rewards and Recognition: Honoring the Journey

Behind the scenes, the Anoma Foundation stands as a steadfast supporter of the Namada Shielded Expedition, offering a total of 30M NAM (3% of total supply) to those who emerge victorious.

These rewards serve not only as a testament to the dedication and perseverance of participants, but also as a symbol of the enduring legacy they leave behind.

Phases of the Shielded Expedition

The Namada Shielded Expedition unfolds through diverse phases, with each phase, opportunities arise for discovery and progress, demanding adaptability and fostering camaraderie on the path to Namada Mainnet.

Pilots journey from launch to conquest, navigating space’s vastness, unearthing treasures, and forging leagues.

Phase 0: Registration

Register as a Pilot or Crew Member to compete. Latecomers can join but won’t rank or win prizes. Validators are chosen pre-genesis; others can join post-genesis.

Phase 1: Preparation

Research and strategize before the expedition. Learn about asteroid mining and stay updated on wanted asteroids and the ROID system.

Phase 2: Pre-Genesis

Selected Pilots bond their stake. Crew Members need not act.

Phase 3: Genesis

The Anoma Foundation proposes the genesis block files, and the launch depends on Pilots.

Phase 4: Expedition

The expedition lasts 14 to 21 days. Pilots and Crew Members compete for ROID, with standings updated on Nebb in real-time.

Phase X: Ending

The end of the expedition is unpredictable. Embrace the journey and its uncertainties.

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With the OriginStake Pilot League by your side, the Namada Shielded Expedition becomes not just a journey, but a shared experience filled with camaraderie and adventure. Together, let’s boldly navigate through the cosmos and uncover the wonders that await us.

As we venture forth into the unknown, fueled by the promise of discovery and the thrill of exploration, the Namada Shielded Expedition stands as a testament to the human spirit’s insatiable curiosity. Join us now, and together, let’s write the next chapter in the annals of cosmic exploration.

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